īss vēstijums no 9.dimensijas būtnēm Niiin

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Message from 9th dimention beings Niina


My  dear child.. All you have to know is this.. The Grace has come..

I always be your home, Iwill always hold you

Let go of all your past regrets and scars.. release thoughts of future

To me you are just perfect of who you are

Spread your wings and take flight

Fly higher that the sun rising

Shine and be brighter than the light

Play the melody within your heart

Let it fly like a loving song

I will never leave you

And you will always be my brighest light

Because of you.. I AM

With all my loving heart…


Chanelled by Linda Vitolina


( Info no 9. dimensijas šobrīd neprotu vēl tulkot latviešu valodā, viņi runā pa tiešo angliski) Linda

  I like it

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